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Sanctuary Books Publishing Company focuses on producing quality Christian books which speak the truth in love to a "Progressive Christian" audience. Our authors and readers are interested in promoting the Kingdom of God and using their spiritual power to solve issues of social and economic justice. We are not afraid to 'write what we like' as we challenge the traditional Evangelical Christian worldview.

Sanctuary Books Publishing is particularly interested in publishing a variety of genres including Feminist Theology, Liberation Theology and End-Time Prophetic Witness. We are also interested in publishing books with unique biblical insights, memoirs/testimonials, inspirational titles and Christian fiction.

A portion of our proceeds go to the Africa Library Foundation.
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Attention Authors

If God has put a word in your mouth, we can help you get published at a reasonable cost. We select authors and book projects which promote the Kingdom of God.

Our program includes copyright registration, a professionally designed book cover, ISBN Barcode, basic editing, text layout, and up to 100 copies of your book.

We offer payment arrangements that let you meet your goals while staying within budget.

If you are an author interested in partnering with us, we would love to hear from you.

Featured Author
Julie Gibson

Julie Gibson is the founder of Sanctuary Books Publishing. An avid reader, she began her writing career in 2006 after working several years in the Capital Markets industry. She combines her love for Jesus Christ and the Bible with her interests in history, geopolitics, and current events to produce serious books that challenge conventional thinking. Listen to Julie on the web at

Featured Books
Author: Tammy Lawrence
Format: paperback
Price: $14.95
ISBN 9780983027041
Unleashing the Supernatural Power of God in Your Life

God is the God of the supernatural, and He wants His children to experience His supernatural power on a regular basis.  Let Prophetess Tammy Lawrence show you how to unlock the supernatural power of God in your life by using the Ten Keys described in this book.  When you activate the keys of praying the scriptures, walking in obedience, taking authority, having expectations and more, you will unleash the supernatural power of God and live a life of true authentic power and happiness. 

Prophetess Tammy Lawrence is an authentic Prophetic Voice and Seer who has a strong revelation of the Supernatural realm.  She is anointed in intercessory prayer, evangelism and deliverence. Originally from the Bronx and Queens NY, she later moved to Tampa, Florida where she accepted the call of God on her life. Prophetess Tammy has ministered in and out of the four walls of the church in outreach ministry, women's ministry, youth ministry and deliverance ministry.  Prophetess Tammy has a passion to help believers grow spiritually and advance the kingdom of God.

Author: Julie A. Gibson
Format: Paperback, 124 pages
On Sale: May 2006
Price: $14.95
ISBN 0-9777819-0-9
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Daughters Of The Diaspora Get Ready

Daughters Of The Diaspora Get Ready is a provocative prophetic word for Christian women of African descent. The book is a clarion call to get in position to receive divine reparations from the Kingdom of God. Women of color will be inspired, your faith will deepen and your vision will explode as you learn of this end-time anointing designed just for you. This book will challenge you to prepare yourself spiritually, mentally, and intellectually for this great mantle.

For many women this book will answer and confirm your questions regarding your purpose. The book explains that God had a divine purpose in mind when He allowed the dispersal of millions of Africans to the shores of the new world via the Trans-Atlantic slave trade. He plans to use the descendents of those "tribute slaves" to bring social and religious reformation in these perilous end-times. This book will ignite your desire to make a difference in the world, so GET READY!

Author: Julie A. Gibson
Format: Paperback, 125 pages
On Sale: May 2009
Price: $19.95
ISBN 978-0-09777819-3-5
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IRAQ the Graveyard of Empires

This book explores why prior to their decline every major empire in history eventually invades and occupies Ancient Babylon (modern day Iraq). Although historians have analyzed the rise and decline of empires for centuries, none have examined this phenomenon from a spiritual perspective.

Applying biblical archetypes of Nimrod and the Tower of Babel, Julie Gibson explains the root cause of the decline of empires. She examines the strong parallels between past empires occupation of Babylon and warns the United States of the implications of its invasion of Iraq in 2003. The author asks the question will America suffer a similar fate after "occupying Babylon". Gibson believes America can be salvaged and reveals the secret keys to restore the luster of American hegemony.

Author: Laurette Francis
Format: Paperback
Price: $19.95
ISBN 9780983027034
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My Life Transformed By The Word Of God
In 1997 Prophetess Laurette Francis needed divine intervention.  Her life was in shambles with marital problems, rebellious teenage children, financial troubles and failing health.  She decided to turn her life and situation over to the Lord Jesus Christ and allow the Word of God to teach her how to live a victorious life. What she learned is contained in this book. This is her testimony of wisdom, knowledge and revelation from God’s Word. Allow it to bless you and help take you through the stormy seas as you follow His instructions.


Author: Ruth Beckman, PhD
Format: 8x10 Workbook
On Sale: Available Now
Price: $17.95
ISBN 9780983027027
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Knowing Jesus

When you spend time in this workbook, amazing things will happen.  You will come to know the intimate heart of your loving savior Jesus Christ.  Knowing Jesus is designed to help you discover your life's purpose which is to have a successful relationship with Him.  Once this happens everything in your life will turn around.  Victory and success will be at your fingertips.  Your heart will be filled with joy - the joy of the Lord.  You can begin the journey today!

Author: Rebecca McKay
Format: Paperback
On Sale: February 2011
Price: $14.95
ISBN 9780983027010
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Once, Twice, Four Times A Wife

Are you in a dark place right now in your marriage, singlehood or divorce state?  Have you cried out to God for answers on how to have a successful and biblically based marriage?  If so, this book is for you. It offers a life line that will help you embark on a journey out of the darkness into a place of illumination and victory.  With courage and transparency rarely seen in today’s spiritual leaders, Apostle Dr. Rebecca McKay has shared her story of failure and heartache to help you to learn from her mistakes.  She has identified some major warning signs and red flags to help prevent you from marrying the wrong mate. As you read her testimony of transformation, it will encourage you to embrace the process necessary to become a ‘good thing’ in a godly marriage.  

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